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List of Converter Aliases
Converter Name
IANA MIME All Aliases
UTF-16BE,version=1     UTF-16BE,version=1

Codepage layout information is not available for this converter at this time.

Information About This Converter
Type of converterUCNV_UTF16_BigEndian
Minimum number of bytes per UChar2
Maximum number of bytes per UChar2
Substitution character\xFF\xFD (See note below)
Is ASCII [\x20-\x7E] compatible?FALSE
Is ASCII [\u0020-\u007E] ambiguous?FALSE
Contains ambiguous aliases?FALSE
Always generates Unicode NFC?UNKNOWN
Contains BiDi characters?TRUE

List of Languages Representable By This Codepage
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Set of Unicode Characters Representable By This Codepage


Note: The substitution byte sequence can be platform dependent. It depends on the endianess of the platform. Please see the Unicode FAQ for details.