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List of ICU Demonstrations

Here are ten demos that show different capabilities of the ICU library.

ICU4J Demos, and other tools, are listed in the left sidebar.

Name   Description
Collation Demo
Demonstrates Collation.
Converter Explorer
Illustrates the International Components for Unicode charset conversion data. Information about the converter properties, the aliases, and codepage layout can be found in this demo. All data from this demo comes directly from ICU4C.
ICU Segments
Shows various ICU Segmentation (BreakIterator) boundaries
Performs IDNA transformations as described in RFC 3490.
Locale Explorer
Illustrates the International Components for Unicode localization data.
Normalization Browser
Performs quick checks and normalization on an input string.
Regular Expressions
Demonstrates the ICU Unicode-compliant Regular Expression component.
String Compare
Performs string comparisons, with results being equal, equal ignoring case, or equal ignoring canonical (normalization) differences.
Shows ICU transforms in action. Users can see the effect of various built-in and user written system transforms on text they type in. Rules for transforms may be viewed, edited, and saved for later use.
Unicode Character Browser
An interactive database of the Unicode character set. It uses the ICU character properties to search by character type, or display the type of a given character.