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Common Locale Data


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This demo illustrates the International Components for Unicode localization data. The data covers two hundred sixty-eight different languages, further divided into five hundred eighty-three regions and variants. For each language, data such as days of the week, months, and their abbreviations are defined.

ICU is an open-source project.


Choose Your Locale.

Languages Regions
Unknown language
Afrikaans Afrikaans (Namibia)Afrikaans (South Africa)
Aghem Aghem (Cameroon)
Akan Akan (Ghana)
Albanian Albanian (Albania)Albanian (Kosovo)Albanian (North Macedonia)
Amharic Amharic (Ethiopia)
Anii Anii (Benin)
Arabic Arabic (Algeria)Arabic (Bahrain)Arabic (Chad)Arabic (Comoros)Arabic (Djibouti)Arabic (Egypt)Arabic (Eritrea)Arabic (Iraq)Arabic (Israel)Arabic (Jordan)Arabic (Kuwait)Arabic (Lebanon)Arabic (Libya)Arabic (Mauritania)Arabic (Morocco)Arabic (Oman)Arabic (Palestinian Territories)Arabic (Qatar)Arabic (Saudi Arabia)Arabic (Somalia)Arabic (South Sudan)Arabic (Sudan)Arabic (Syria)Arabic (Tunisia)Arabic (United Arab Emirates)Arabic (Western Sahara)Arabic (world)Arabic (Yemen)
Armenian Armenian (Armenia)
Assamese Assamese (India)
Asturian Asturian (Spain)
Asu Asu (Tanzania)
Azerbaijani Azerbaijani (Cyrillic)Azerbaijani (Latin)
Azerbaijani (Cyrillic) Azerbaijani (Cyrillic, Azerbaijan)
Azerbaijani (Latin) Azerbaijani (Latin, Azerbaijan)
Bafia Bafia (Cameroon)
Bambara Bambara (Mali)
Bangla Bangla (Bangladesh)Bangla (India)
Basaa Basaa (Cameroon)
Basque Basque (Spain)
Belarusian Belarusian (Belarus)
Bemba Bemba (Zambia)
Bena Bena (Tanzania)
Bhojpuri Bhojpuri (India)
Bodo Bodo (India)
Bosnian Bosnian (Cyrillic)Bosnian (Latin)
Bosnian (Cyrillic) Bosnian (Cyrillic, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Bosnian (Latin) Bosnian (Latin, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Breton Breton (France)
Bulgarian Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
Burmese Burmese (Myanmar [Burma])
Cantonese Cantonese (Simplified)Cantonese (Traditional)
Cantonese (Simplified) Cantonese (Simplified, China)
Cantonese (Traditional) Cantonese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR China)
Catalan Catalan (Andorra)Catalan (France)Catalan (Italy)Catalan (Spain)
Cebuano Cebuano (Philippines)
Central Atlas Tamazight Central Atlas Tamazight (Morocco)
Central Kurdish Central Kurdish (Iran)Central Kurdish (Iraq)
Chakma Chakma (Bangladesh)Chakma (India)
Chechen Chechen (Russia)
Cherokee Cherokee (United States)
Chiga Chiga (Uganda)
Chinese Chinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Simplified, China)Chinese (Simplified, Hong Kong SAR China)Chinese (Simplified, Macao SAR China)Chinese (Simplified, Singapore)
Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR China)Chinese (Traditional, Macao SAR China)Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
Chuvash Chuvash (Russia)
Colognian Colognian (Germany)
Cornish Cornish (United Kingdom)
Croatian Croatian (Bosnia & Herzegovina)Croatian (Croatia)
Czech Czech (Czechia)
Danish Danish (Denmark)Danish (Greenland)
Dogri Dogri (India)
Duala Duala (Cameroon)
Dutch Dutch (Aruba)Dutch (Belgium)Dutch (Caribbean Netherlands)Dutch (Curaçao)Dutch (Netherlands)Dutch (Sint Maarten)Dutch (Suriname)
Dzongkha Dzongkha (Bhutan)
Embu Embu (Kenya)
English English (American Samoa)English (Anguilla)English (Antigua & Barbuda)English (Australia)English (Austria)English (Bahamas)English (Barbados)English (Belgium)English (Belize)English (Bermuda)English (Botswana)English (British Indian Ocean Territory)English (British Virgin Islands)English (Burundi)English (Cameroon)English (Canada)English (Cayman Islands)English (Christmas Island)English (Cocos [Keeling] Islands)English (Cook Islands)English (Cyprus)English (Denmark)English (Diego Garcia)English (Dominica)English (Eritrea)English (Eswatini)English (Europe)English (Falkland Islands)English (Fiji)English (Finland)English (Gambia)English (Germany)English (Ghana)English (Gibraltar)English (Grenada)English (Guam)English (Guernsey)English (Guyana)English (Hong Kong SAR China)English (India)English (Indonesia)English (Ireland)English (Isle of Man)English (Israel)English (Jamaica)English (Jersey)English (Kenya)English (Kiribati)English (Lesotho)English (Liberia)English (Macao SAR China)English (Madagascar)English (Malawi)English (Malaysia)English (Maldives)English (Malta)English (Marshall Islands)English (Mauritius)English (Micronesia)English (Montserrat)English (Namibia)English (Nauru)English (Netherlands)English (New Zealand)English (Nigeria)English (Niue)English (Norfolk Island)English (Northern Mariana Islands)English (Pakistan)English (Palau)English (Papua New Guinea)English (Philippines)English (Pitcairn Islands)English (Puerto Rico)English (Rwanda)English (Samoa)English (Seychelles)English (Sierra Leone)English (Singapore)English (Sint Maarten)English (Slovenia)English (Solomon Islands)English (South Africa)English (South Sudan)English (St. Helena)English (St. Kitts & Nevis)English (St. Lucia)English (St. Vincent & Grenadines)English (Sudan)English (Sweden)English (Switzerland)English (Tanzania)English (Tokelau)English (Tonga)English (Trinidad & Tobago)English (Turks & Caicos Islands)English (Tuvalu)English (U.S. Outlying Islands)English (U.S. Virgin Islands)English (Uganda)English (United Arab Emirates)English (United Kingdom)English (United States) [ English (United States, Computer) ],  English (Vanuatu)English (world)English (Zambia)English (Zimbabwe)
Esperanto Esperanto (world)
Estonian Estonian (Estonia)
Ewe Ewe (Ghana)Ewe (Togo)
Ewondo Ewondo (Cameroon)
Faroese Faroese (Denmark)Faroese (Faroe Islands)
Filipino Filipino (Philippines)
Finnish Finnish (Finland)
French French (Algeria)French (Belgium)French (Benin)French (Burkina Faso)French (Burundi)French (Cameroon)French (Canada)French (Central African Republic)French (Chad)French (Comoros)French (Congo - Brazzaville)French (Congo - Kinshasa)French (Côte d’Ivoire)French (Djibouti)French (Equatorial Guinea)French (France)French (French Guiana)French (French Polynesia)French (Gabon)French (Guadeloupe)French (Guinea)French (Haiti)French (Luxembourg)French (Madagascar)French (Mali)French (Martinique)French (Mauritania)French (Mauritius)French (Mayotte)French (Monaco)French (Morocco)French (New Caledonia)French (Niger)French (Réunion)French (Rwanda)French (Senegal)French (Seychelles)French (St. Barthélemy)French (St. Martin)French (St. Pierre & Miquelon)French (Switzerland)French (Syria)French (Togo)French (Tunisia)French (Vanuatu)French (Wallis & Futuna)
Friulian Friulian (Italy)
Fula Fula (Adlam)Fula (Latin)
Fula (Adlam) Fula (Adlam, Burkina Faso)Fula (Adlam, Cameroon)Fula (Adlam, Gambia)Fula (Adlam, Ghana)Fula (Adlam, Guinea-Bissau)Fula (Adlam, Guinea)Fula (Adlam, Liberia)Fula (Adlam, Mauritania)Fula (Adlam, Niger)Fula (Adlam, Nigeria)Fula (Adlam, Senegal)Fula (Adlam, Sierra Leone)
Fula (Latin) Fula (Latin, Burkina Faso)Fula (Latin, Cameroon)Fula (Latin, Gambia)Fula (Latin, Ghana)Fula (Latin, Guinea-Bissau)Fula (Latin, Guinea)Fula (Latin, Liberia)Fula (Latin, Mauritania)Fula (Latin, Niger)Fula (Latin, Nigeria)Fula (Latin, Senegal)Fula (Latin, Sierra Leone)
Galician Galician (Spain)
Ganda Ganda (Uganda)
Georgian Georgian (Georgia)
German German (Austria)German (Belgium)German (Germany)German (Italy)German (Liechtenstein)German (Luxembourg)German (Switzerland)
Greek Greek (Cyprus)Greek (Greece)
Gujarati Gujarati (India)
Gusii Gusii (Kenya)
Haryanvi Haryanvi (India)
Hausa Hausa (Ghana)Hausa (Niger)Hausa (Nigeria)
Hawaiian Hawaiian (United States)
Hebrew Hebrew (Israel)
Hindi Hindi (India)Hindi (Latin)
Hindi (Latin) Hindi (Latin, India)
Hungarian Hungarian (Hungary)
Icelandic Icelandic (Iceland)
Igbo Igbo (Nigeria)
Inari Sami Inari Sami (Finland)
Indonesian Indonesian (Indonesia)
Interlingua Interlingua (world)
Interlingue Interlingue (Estonia)
Irish Irish (Ireland)Irish (United Kingdom)
Italian Italian (Italy)Italian (San Marino)Italian (Switzerland)Italian (Vatican City)
Japanese Japanese (Japan)
Javanese Javanese (Indonesia)
Jola-Fonyi Jola-Fonyi (Senegal)
Kabuverdianu Kabuverdianu (Cape Verde)
Kabyle Kabyle (Algeria)
Kaingang Kaingang (Brazil)
Kako Kako (Cameroon)
Kalaallisut Kalaallisut (Greenland)
Kalenjin Kalenjin (Kenya)
Kamba Kamba (Kenya)
Kangri Kangri (India)
Kannada Kannada (India)
Kashmiri Kashmiri (Arabic)Kashmiri (Devanagari)
Kashmiri (Arabic) Kashmiri (Arabic, India)
Kashmiri (Devanagari) Kashmiri (Devanagari, India)
Kazakh Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
Khmer Khmer (Cambodia)
Kikuyu Kikuyu (Kenya)
Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)
Konkani Konkani (India)
Korean Korean (China)Korean (North Korea)Korean (South Korea)
Koyra Chiini Koyra Chiini (Mali)
Koyraboro Senni Koyraboro Senni (Mali)
Kurdish Kurdish (Türkiye)
Kuvi Kuvi (Devanagari)Kuvi (Latin)Kuvi (Odia)Kuvi (Telugu)
Kuvi (Devanagari) Kuvi (Devanagari, India)
Kuvi (Latin) Kuvi (Latin, India)
Kuvi (Odia) Kuvi (Odia, India)
Kuvi (Telugu) Kuvi (Telugu, India)
Kwasio Kwasio (Cameroon)
Kyrgyz Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)
Lakota Lakota (United States)
Langi Langi (Tanzania)
Lao Lao (Laos)
Latvian Latvian (Latvia)
Ligurian Ligurian (Italy)
Lingala Lingala (Angola)Lingala (Central African Republic)Lingala (Congo - Brazzaville)Lingala (Congo - Kinshasa)
Lithuanian Lithuanian (Lithuania)
Lombard Lombard (Italy)
Low German Low German (Germany)Low German (Netherlands)
Lower Sorbian Lower Sorbian (Germany)
Luba-Katanga Luba-Katanga (Congo - Kinshasa)
Luo Luo (Kenya)
Luxembourgish Luxembourgish (Luxembourg)
Luyia Luyia (Kenya)
Macedonian Macedonian (North Macedonia)
Machame Machame (Tanzania)
Maithili Maithili (India)
Makhuwa Makhuwa (Mozambique)
Makhuwa-Meetto Makhuwa-Meetto (Mozambique)
Makonde Makonde (Tanzania)
Malagasy Malagasy (Madagascar)
Malay Malay (Brunei)Malay (Indonesia)Malay (Malaysia)Malay (Singapore)
Malayalam Malayalam (India)
Maltese Maltese (Malta)
Manipuri Manipuri (Bangla)
Manipuri (Bangla) Manipuri (Bangla, India)
Manx Manx (Isle of Man)
Māori Māori (New Zealand)
Marathi Marathi (India)
Masai Masai (Kenya)Masai (Tanzania)
Mazanderani Mazanderani (Iran)
Meru Meru (Kenya)
Metaʼ Metaʼ (Cameroon)
Mongolian Mongolian (Mongolia)
Morisyen Morisyen (Mauritius)
Mundang Mundang (Cameroon)
N’Ko N’Ko (Guinea)
Nama Nama (Namibia)
Nepali Nepali (India)Nepali (Nepal)
Ngiemboon Ngiemboon (Cameroon)
Ngomba Ngomba (Cameroon)
Nheengatu Nheengatu (Brazil)Nheengatu (Colombia)Nheengatu (Venezuela)
Nigerian Pidgin Nigerian Pidgin (Nigeria)
North Ndebele North Ndebele (Zimbabwe)
Northern Luri Northern Luri (Iran)Northern Luri (Iraq)
Northern Sami Northern Sami (Finland)Northern Sami (Norway)Northern Sami (Sweden)
Norwegian Bokmål Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)Norwegian Bokmål (Svalbard & Jan Mayen)
Norwegian Nynorsk Norwegian Nynorsk (Norway)
Nuer Nuer (South Sudan)
Nyankole Nyankole (Uganda)
Occitan Occitan (France)Occitan (Spain)
Odia Odia (India)
Oromo Oromo (Ethiopia)Oromo (Kenya)
Ossetic Ossetic (Georgia)Ossetic (Russia)
Pashto Pashto (Afghanistan)Pashto (Pakistan)
Persian Persian (Afghanistan)Persian (Iran)
Polish Polish (Poland)
Portuguese Portuguese (Angola)Portuguese (Brazil)Portuguese (Cape Verde)Portuguese (Equatorial Guinea)Portuguese (Guinea-Bissau)Portuguese (Luxembourg)Portuguese (Macao SAR China)Portuguese (Mozambique)Portuguese (Portugal)Portuguese (São Tomé & Príncipe)Portuguese (Switzerland)Portuguese (Timor-Leste)
Prussian Prussian (Poland)
Punjabi Punjabi (Arabic)Punjabi (Gurmukhi)
Punjabi (Arabic) Punjabi (Arabic, Pakistan)
Punjabi (Gurmukhi) Punjabi (Gurmukhi, India)
Quechua Quechua (Bolivia)Quechua (Ecuador)Quechua (Peru)
Rajasthani Rajasthani (India)
Romanian Romanian (Moldova)Romanian (Romania)
Romansh Romansh (Switzerland)
Rombo Rombo (Tanzania)
Rundi Rundi (Burundi)
Russian Russian (Belarus)Russian (Kazakhstan)Russian (Kyrgyzstan)Russian (Moldova)Russian (Russia)Russian (Ukraine)
Rwa Rwa (Tanzania)
Samburu Samburu (Kenya)
Sango Sango (Central African Republic)
Sangu Sangu (Tanzania)
Sanskrit Sanskrit (India)
Santali Santali (Ol Chiki)
Santali (Ol Chiki) Santali (Ol Chiki, India)
Sardinian Sardinian (Italy)
Scottish Gaelic Scottish Gaelic (United Kingdom)
Sena Sena (Mozambique)
Serbian Serbian (Cyrillic)Serbian (Latin)
Serbian (Cyrillic) Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia & Herzegovina)Serbian (Cyrillic, Kosovo)Serbian (Cyrillic, Montenegro)Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)
Serbian (Latin) Serbian (Latin, Bosnia & Herzegovina)Serbian (Latin, Kosovo)Serbian (Latin, Montenegro)Serbian (Latin, Serbia)
Shambala Shambala (Tanzania)
Shona Shona (Zimbabwe)
Sichuan Yi Sichuan Yi (China)
Silesian Silesian (Poland)
Sindhi Sindhi (Arabic)Sindhi (Devanagari)
Sindhi (Arabic) Sindhi (Arabic, Pakistan)
Sindhi (Devanagari) Sindhi (Devanagari, India)
Sinhala Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
Slovak Slovak (Slovakia)
Slovenian Slovenian (Slovenia)
Soga Soga (Uganda)
Somali Somali (Djibouti)Somali (Ethiopia)Somali (Kenya)Somali (Somalia)
Spanish Spanish (Argentina)Spanish (Belize)Spanish (Bolivia)Spanish (Brazil)Spanish (Canary Islands)Spanish (Ceuta & Melilla)Spanish (Chile)Spanish (Colombia)Spanish (Costa Rica)Spanish (Cuba)Spanish (Dominican Republic)Spanish (Ecuador)Spanish (El Salvador)Spanish (Equatorial Guinea)Spanish (Guatemala)Spanish (Honduras)Spanish (Latin America)Spanish (Mexico)Spanish (Nicaragua)Spanish (Panama)Spanish (Paraguay)Spanish (Peru)Spanish (Philippines)Spanish (Puerto Rico)Spanish (Spain)Spanish (United States)Spanish (Uruguay)Spanish (Venezuela)
Standard Moroccan Tamazight Standard Moroccan Tamazight (Morocco)
Sundanese Sundanese (Latin)
Sundanese (Latin) Sundanese (Latin, Indonesia)
Swahili Swahili (Congo - Kinshasa)Swahili (Kenya)Swahili (Tanzania)Swahili (Uganda)
Swampy Cree Swampy Cree (Canada)
Swedish Swedish (Åland Islands)Swedish (Finland)Swedish (Sweden)
Swiss German Swiss German (France)Swiss German (Liechtenstein)Swiss German (Switzerland)
Syriac Syriac (Iraq)Syriac (Syria)
Tachelhit Tachelhit (Latin)Tachelhit (Tifinagh)
Tachelhit (Latin) Tachelhit (Latin, Morocco)
Tachelhit (Tifinagh) Tachelhit (Tifinagh, Morocco)
Taita Taita (Kenya)
Tajik Tajik (Tajikistan)
Tamil Tamil (India)Tamil (Malaysia)Tamil (Singapore)Tamil (Sri Lanka)
Tasawaq Tasawaq (Niger)
Tatar Tatar (Russia)
Telugu Telugu (India)
Teso Teso (Kenya)Teso (Uganda)
Thai Thai (Thailand)
Tibetan Tibetan (China)Tibetan (India)
Tigrinya Tigrinya (Eritrea)Tigrinya (Ethiopia)
Toki Pona Toki Pona (world)
Tongan Tongan (Tonga)
Turkish Turkish (Cyprus)Turkish (Türkiye)
Turkmen Turkmen (Turkmenistan)
Ukrainian Ukrainian (Ukraine)
Upper Sorbian Upper Sorbian (Germany)
Urdu Urdu (India)Urdu (Pakistan)
Uyghur Uyghur (China)
Uzbek Uzbek (Arabic)Uzbek (Cyrillic)Uzbek (Latin)
Uzbek (Arabic) Uzbek (Arabic, Afghanistan)
Uzbek (Cyrillic) Uzbek (Cyrillic, Uzbekistan)
Uzbek (Latin) Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan)
Vai Vai (Latin)Vai (Vai)
Vai (Latin) Vai (Latin, Liberia)
Vai (Vai) Vai (Vai, Liberia)
Venetian Venetian (Italy)
Vietnamese Vietnamese (Vietnam)
Vunjo Vunjo (Tanzania)
Walser Walser (Switzerland)
Welsh Welsh (United Kingdom)
Western Frisian Western Frisian (Netherlands)
Wolof Wolof (Senegal)
Xhosa Xhosa (South Africa)
Yakut Yakut (Russia)
Yangben Yangben (Cameroon)
Yiddish Yiddish (Ukraine)
Yoruba Yoruba (Benin)Yoruba (Nigeria)
Zarma Zarma (Niger)
Zhuang Zhuang (China)
Zulu Zulu (South Africa)

Choose by Region

001 - world
019 - Americas
013 - Central America
CR - Costa Rica
GT - Guatemala
HN - Honduras
MX - Mexico
NI - Nicaragua
PA - Panama
SV - El Salvador
029 - Caribbean
AG - Antigua & Barbuda
AI - Anguilla
AW - Aruba
BB - Barbados
BL - St. Barthélemy
BQ - Caribbean Netherlands
BS - Bahamas
CU - Cuba
CW - Curaçao
DM - Dominica
DO - Dominican Republic
GD - Grenada
GP - Guadeloupe
HT - Haiti
JM - Jamaica
KN - St. Kitts & Nevis
KY - Cayman Islands
LC - St. Lucia
MF - St. Martin
MQ - Martinique
MS - Montserrat
TC - Turks & Caicos Islands
TT - Trinidad & Tobago
VC - St. Vincent & Grenadines
VG - British Virgin Islands
VI - U.S. Virgin Islands
005 - South America
AR - Argentina
BV - Bouvet Island
CL - Chile
FK - Falkland Islands
GF - French Guiana
GS - South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands
GY - Guyana
PY - Paraguay
SR - Suriname
UY - Uruguay
002 - Africa
014 - Eastern Africa
IO - British Indian Ocean Territory
MW - Malawi
RE - Réunion
TF - French Southern Territories
YT - Mayotte
150 - Europe
142 - Asia
009 - Oceania
053 - Australasia
AU - Australia
CC - Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CX - Christmas Island
HM - Heard & McDonald Islands
NF - Norfolk Island
054 - Melanesia
FJ - Fiji
NC - New Caledonia
PG - Papua New Guinea
SB - Solomon Islands
057 - Micronesian Region
FM - Micronesia
GU - Guam
KI - Kiribati
MH - Marshall Islands
MP - Northern Mariana Islands
NR - Nauru
PW - Palau
UM - U.S. Outlying Islands
061 - Polynesia
AS - American Samoa
CK - Cook Islands
NU - Niue
PF - French Polynesia
PN - Pitcairn Islands
TK - Tokelau
TV - Tuvalu
WF - Wallis & Futuna
WS - Samoa
QO - Outlying Oceania
AQ - Antarctica
AC - Ascension Island
CP - Clipperton Island
DG - Diego Garcia
TA - Tristan da Cunha

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