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Normalization Browser

Decomposition exclusions:
Unicode version:

Normalization Results
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About this demo

The options flags are for a prototype to demonstrate tailored normalization as mentioned as Unicode public review issue 7. Uncheck all of these options for regular Unicode Normalization.

Hangul excludes AC00..D7A3. CJK Compat. excludes CJK Compatibility Ideographs (those with a canonical decomposition).

The Unicode 3.2 option performs normalization according to Unicode 3.2 (except for NormalizationCorrections) even if ICU otherwise supports a higher version.

FCD is not a normalization form but a test for whether text is canonically ordered. "Normalizing to FCD" does not generate a unique form but only one of potentially many that are canonically ordered. See UTN #5 Canonical Equivalence in Applications.

Unicode version 15.1 — ICU 74.1