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Common Locale Data


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This demo illustrates the International Components for Unicode localization data. The data covers two hundred forty-seven different languages, further divided into five hundred fifty-eight regions and variants. For each language, data such as days of the week, months, and their abbreviations are defined.

ICU is an open-source project.


Choose Your Locale.

Languages Regions
Asụsụ amaghị
Afrikaans Afrikaans (Namibia)Afrikaans (South Africa)
Aghem Aghem (Cameroon)
Akan Akan (Ghana)
Albanianị Albanianị (Albania)Albanianị (Kosovo)Albanianị (North Macedonia)
Amariikị Amariikị (Ethiopia)
Arabiikị Arabiikị (Algeria)Arabiikị (Bahrain)Arabiikị (Chad)Arabiikị (Comorosu)Arabiikị (Djibouti)Arabiikị (Egypt)Arabiikị (Eritrea)Arabiikị (Iraq)Arabiikị (Israel)Arabiikị (Jordan)Arabiikị (Kuwait)Arabiikị (Lebanon)Arabiikị (Libia)Arabiikị (Mauritania)Arabiikị (Morocco)Arabiikị (Ọdịda Anyanwụ Sahara)Arabiikị (Oman)Arabiikị (Palestinian Territories)Arabiikị (Qatar)Arabiikị (Saudi Arabia)Arabiikị (Somalia)Arabiikị (South Sudan)Arabiikị (Sudan)Arabiikị (Syria)Arabiikị (Tunisia)Arabiikị (United Arab Emirates)Arabiikị (Uwa)Arabiikị (Yemen)
Armenianị Armenianị (Armenia)
Asamisị Asamisị (India)
Asturianị Asturianị (Spain)
Asụ Asụ (Tanzania)
Azerbajanị Azerbajanị (Latin)Azerbajanị (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic)
Azerbajanị (Latin) Azerbajanị (Latin, Azerbaijan)
Azerbajanị (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic) Azerbajanị (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic, Azerbaijan)
Bafịa Bafịa (Cameroon)
Bambara Bambara (Mali)
Basaà Basaà (Cameroon)
Baskwe Baskwe (Spain)
Bekee Bekee (Agwaetiti British Virgin)Bekee (Agwaetiti Cayman)Bekee (Agwaetiti Christmas)Bekee (Agwaetiti Cocos [Keeling])Bekee (Agwaetiti Cook)Bekee (Agwaetiti Falkland)Bekee (Agwaetiti Marshall)Bekee (Agwaetiti Norfolk)Bekee (Agwaetiti Northern Mariana)Bekee (Agwaetiti Pitcairn)Bekee (Agwaetiti Solomon)Bekee (Agwaetiti Turks na Caicos)Bekee (Agwaetiti Virgin nke US)Bekee (American Samoa)Bekee (Anguilla)Bekee (Antigua na Barbuda)Bekee (Australia)Bekee (Austria)Bekee (Bahamas)Bekee (Barbados)Bekee (Belgium)Bekee (Belize)Bekee (Bemuda)Bekee (Botswana)Bekee (British Indian Ocean Territory)Bekee (Burundi)Bekee (Cameroon)Bekee (Cyprus)Bekee (Denmark)Bekee (Diego Garcia)Bekee (Dominika)Bekee (Eritrea)Bekee (Eswatini)Bekee (Europe)Bekee (Fiji)Bekee (Finland)Bekee (Gambia)Bekee (Ghana)Bekee (Gibraltar)Bekee (Grenada)Bekee (Guam)Bekee (Guernsey)Bekee (Guyana)Bekee (Hong Kong SAR China)Bekee (India)Bekee (Ireland)Bekee (Isle of Man)Bekee (Israel)Bekee (Jamaika)Bekee (Jamanị)Bekee (Jersey)Bekee (Kanada)Bekee (Kenya)Bekee (Kiribati)Bekee (Kitts na Nevis Dị nsọ)Bekee (Lesotho)Bekee (Liberia)Bekee (Lucia Dị nsọ)Bekee (Macao SAR China)Bekee (Madagaskar)Bekee (Malawi)Bekee (Malaysia)Bekee (Maldivesa)Bekee (Malta)Bekee (Mauritius)Bekee (Micronesia)Bekee (Montserrat)Bekee (Naịjịrịa)Bekee (Namibia)Bekee (Nauru)Bekee (Netherlands)Bekee (New Zealand)Bekee (Niue)Bekee (Obere Agwaetiti Dị Na Mpụga U.S)Bekee (Pakistan)Bekee (Palau)Bekee (Papua New Guinea)Bekee (Philippines)Bekee (Puerto Rico)Bekee (Rwanda)Bekee (Samoa)Bekee (Seychelles)Bekee (Sierra Leone)Bekee (Singapore)Bekee (Sint Maarten)Bekee (Slovenia)Bekee (South Africa)Bekee (South Sudan)Bekee (St. Helena)Bekee (Sudan)Bekee (Sweden)Bekee (Switzerland)Bekee (Tanzania)Bekee (Tokelau)Bekee (Tonga)Bekee (Trinidad na Tobago)Bekee (Tuvalu)Bekee (Uganda)Bekee (United Arab Emirates)Bekee (United Kingdom)Bekee (United States) [ Bekee (United States, POSIX) ],  Bekee (Uwa)Bekee (Vanuatu)Bekee (Vincent na Grenadines Dị nsọ)Bekee (Zambia)Bekee (Zimbabwe)
Belarusianụ Belarusianụ (Belarus)
Bembà Bembà (Zambia)
Bena Bena (Tanzania)
Bengali Bengali (Bangladesh)Bengali (India)
bgc bgc (India)
Bọdọ Bọdọ (India)
Bojpuri Bojpuri (India)
Bọlụgarịa Bọlụgarịa (Bulgaria)
Bosnia Bosnia (Latin)Bosnia (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic)
Bosnia (Latin) Bosnia (Latin, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Bosnia (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic) Bosnia (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Breton Breton (France)
Bụrmese Bụrmese (Myanmar [Burma])
Catalan Catalan (Andorra)Catalan (France)Catalan (Italy)Catalan (Spain)
Cebụanọ Cebụanọ (Philippines)
Central Atlas Central Atlas (Morocco)
Chainisi Chainisi (Izugbe)Chainisi (Nke dị mfe)
Chainisi (Izugbe) Chainisi (Izugbe, Hong Kong SAR China)Chainisi (Izugbe, Macao SAR China)Chainisi (Izugbe, Taiwan)
Chainisi (Nke dị mfe) Chainisi (Nke dị mfe, China)Chainisi (Nke dị mfe, Hong Kong SAR China)Chainisi (Nke dị mfe, Macao SAR China)Chainisi (Nke dị mfe, Singapore)
Chakma Chakma (Bangladesh)Chakma (India)
Chechen Chechen (Rụssịa)
Cheekị Cheekị (Czechia)
Cheroke Cheroke (United States)
Chiga Chiga (Uganda)
Chuvash Chuvash (Rụssịa)
Colognịan Colognịan (Jamanị)
Danịsh Danịsh (Denmark)Danịsh (Greenland)
Dọchị Dọchị (Aruba)Dọchị (Belgium)Dọchị (Caribbean Netherlands)Dọchị (Kurakao)Dọchị (Netherlands)Dọchị (Sint Maarten)Dọchị (Suriname)
Dogri Dogri (India)
Dọzngọka Dọzngọka (Bhutan)
Dụala Dụala (Cameroon)
Ebụm Ebụm (Kenya)
Ewe Ewe (Ghana)Ewe (Togo)
Ewọndọ Ewọndọ (Cameroon)
Farọse Farọse (Agwaetiti Faroe)Farọse (Denmark)
Fịlịpịnọ Fịlịpịnọ (Philippines)
Fịnịsh Fịnịsh (Finland)
Frụlịan Frụlịan (Italy)
Fula Fula (Adlam)Fula (Latin)
Fula (Adlam) Fula (Adlam, Burkina Faso)Fula (Adlam, Cameroon)Fula (Adlam, Gambia)Fula (Adlam, Ghana)Fula (Adlam, Guinea-Bissau)Fula (Adlam, Guinea)Fula (Adlam, Liberia)Fula (Adlam, Mauritania)Fula (Adlam, Naịjịrịa)Fula (Adlam, Niger)Fula (Adlam, Senegal)Fula (Adlam, Sierra Leone)
Fula (Latin) Fula (Latin, Burkina Faso)Fula (Latin, Cameroon)Fula (Latin, Gambia)Fula (Latin, Ghana)Fula (Latin, Guinea-Bissau)Fula (Latin, Guinea)Fula (Latin, Liberia)Fula (Latin, Mauritania)Fula (Latin, Naịjịrịa)Fula (Latin, Niger)Fula (Latin, Senegal)Fula (Latin, Sierra Leone)
Fụrenchị Fụrenchị (Algeria)Fụrenchị (Barthélemy Dị nsọ)Fụrenchị (Belgium)Fụrenchị (Binin)Fụrenchị (Burkina Faso)Fụrenchị (Burundi)Fụrenchị (Cameroon)Fụrenchị (Central African Republik)Fụrenchị (Chad)Fụrenchị (Comorosu)Fụrenchị (Congo - Kinshasa)Fụrenchị (Congo)Fụrenchị (Côte d’Ivoire)Fụrenchị (Djibouti)Fụrenchị (Equatorial Guinea)Fụrenchị (France)Fụrenchị (Frenchi Guiana)Fụrenchị (Frenchi Polynesia)Fụrenchị (Gabon)Fụrenchị (Guadeloupe)Fụrenchị (Guinea)Fụrenchị (Hati)Fụrenchị (Kanada)Fụrenchị (Luxembourg)Fụrenchị (Madagaskar)Fụrenchị (Mali)Fụrenchị (Martin Dị nsọ)Fụrenchị (Martinique)Fụrenchị (Mauritania)Fụrenchị (Mauritius)Fụrenchị (Mayotte)Fụrenchị (Monaco)Fụrenchị (Morocco)Fụrenchị (New Caledonia)Fụrenchị (Niger)Fụrenchị (Pierre na Miquelon Dị nsọ)Fụrenchị (Réunion)Fụrenchị (Rwanda)Fụrenchị (Senegal)Fụrenchị (Seychelles)Fụrenchị (Switzerland)Fụrenchị (Syria)Fụrenchị (Togo)Fụrenchị (Tunisia)Fụrenchị (Vanuatu)Fụrenchị (Wallis & Futuna)
Galịcịan Galịcịan (Spain)
Ganda Ganda (Uganda)
Geọjịan Geọjịan (Georgia)
German Swiss German Swiss (France)German Swiss (Liechtenstein)German Swiss (Switzerland)
Giriikị Giriikị (Cyprus)Giriikị (Greece)
Gụaratị Gụaratị (India)
Gụshị Gụshị (Kenya)
Hausa Hausa (Ghana)Hausa (Naịjịrịa)Hausa (Niger)
Hawaịlịan Hawaịlịan (United States)
Hebrew Hebrew (Israel)
Hindị Hindị (India)Hindị (Latin)
Hindị (Latin) Hindị (Latin, India)
Hụngarian Hụngarian (Hungary)
Icịlandịk Icịlandịk (Iceland)
Igbo Igbo (Naịjịrịa)
Inarị Samị Inarị Samị (Finland)
Indonisia Indonisia (Indonesia)
Intalịgụa Intalịgụa (Uwa)
Ịrịsh Ịrịsh (Ireland)Ịrịsh (United Kingdom)
Italịanu Italịanu (Italy)Italịanu (San Marino)Italịanu (Switzerland)Italịanu (Vatican City)
Jamanị Jamanị (Austria)Jamanị (Belgium)Jamanị (Italy)Jamanị (Jamanị)Jamanị (Liechtenstein)Jamanị (Luxembourg)Jamanị (Switzerland)
Japaniisi Japaniisi (Japan)
Java Java (Indonesia)
Jọla-Fọnyị Jọla-Fọnyị (Senegal)
Kabụverdịanụ Kabụverdịanụ (Cape Verde)
Kabyle Kabyle (Algeria)
Kainganga Kainganga (Brazil)
Kakọ Kakọ (Cameroon)
Kalaalịsụt Kalaalịsụt (Greenland)
Kalenjịn Kalenjịn (Kenya)
Kamba Kamba (Kenya)
Kanhada Kanhada (India)
Kashmịrị Kashmịrị (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic)Kashmịrị (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Devangarị)
Kashmịrị (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic) Kashmịrị (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic, India)
Kashmịrị (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Devangarị) Kashmịrị (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Devangarị, India)
Katọnịse Katọnịse (Izugbe)Katọnịse (Nke dị mfe)
Katọnịse (Izugbe) Katọnịse (Izugbe, Hong Kong SAR China)
Katọnịse (Nke dị mfe) Katọnịse (Nke dị mfe, China)
Kazak Kazak (Kazakhstan)
Keme Keme (Cambodia)
Kịkụyụ Kịkụyụ (Kenya)
Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)
Kọnịsh Kọnịsh (United Kingdom)
Kọnkanị Kọnkanị (India)
Korịa Korịa (South Korea)Korịa (Ugwu Korea)
Kọrọtịan Kọrọtịan (Bosnia & Herzegovina)Kọrọtịan (Croatia)
Kọyra Chịnị Kọyra Chịnị (Mali)
Kọyraboro Senị Kọyraboro Senị (Mali)
Kurdish ọsote Kurdish ọsote (Iran)Kurdish ọsote (Iraq)
Kwasịọ Kwasịọ (Cameroon)
Kyrayz Kyrayz (Kyrgyzstan)
Lakota Lakota (United States)
Langị Langị (Tanzania)
Laọ Laọ (Laos)
Latviani Latviani (Latvia)
Lịba-Katanga Lịba-Katanga (Congo - Kinshasa)
Lịngala Lịngala (Angola)Lịngala (Central African Republik)Lịngala (Congo - Kinshasa)Lịngala (Congo)
Lituanian Lituanian (Lithuania)
Lowa Sorbịan Lowa Sorbịan (Jamanị)
luo luo (Kenya)
Lụxenbọụgịsh Lụxenbọụgịsh (Luxembourg)
Lụyịa Lụyịa (Kenya)
Machame Machame (Tanzania)
Maịtịlị Maịtịlị (India)
Makọnde Makọnde (Tanzania)
Makụwa Metọ Makụwa Metọ (Mozambik)
Malagasị Malagasị (Madagaskar)
Malayalam Malayalam (India)
Maleyi Maleyi (Brunei)Maleyi (Indonesia)Maleyi (Malaysia)Maleyi (Singapore)
Manịpụrị Manịpụrị (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Bangla)
Manịpụrị (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Bangla) Manịpụrị (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Bangla, India)
Mansị Mansị (Isle of Man)
Maọrị Maọrị (New Zealand)
Maratị Maratị (India)
Masaị Masaị (Kenya)Masaị (Tanzania)
Masedọnịa Masedọnịa (North Macedonia)
Matịse Matịse (Malta)
Mazandaranị Mazandaranị (Iran)
Merụ Merụ (Kenya)
Meta Meta (Cameroon)
Mọngolịan Mọngolịan (Mongolia)
Mọrịsye Mọrịsye (Mauritius)
Mụdang Mụdang (Cameroon)
Nama Nama (Namibia)
Ndị Esperantọ Ndị Esperantọ (Uwa)
Ndị Estọnịa Ndị Estọnịa (Estonia)
Ndị Kụrdịsh Ndị Kụrdịsh (Turkey)
Nepali Nepali (India)Nepali (Nepal)
Nglembọn Nglembọn (Cameroon)
Ngọmba Ngọmba (Cameroon)
Nheengatụ Nheengatụ (Brazil)Nheengatụ (Colombia)Nheengatụ (Venezuela)
Nọrtan Samị Nọrtan Samị (Finland)Nọrtan Samị (Norway)Nọrtan Samị (Sweden)
Nọrtụ Lụrị Nọrtụ Lụrị (Iran)Nọrtụ Lụrị (Iraq)
Nọrtụ Ndabede Nọrtụ Ndabede (Zimbabwe)
Nọrweyịan Bọkmal Nọrweyịan Bọkmal (Norway)Nọrweyịan Bọkmal (Svalbard & Jan Mayen)
Nọrweyịan Nynersk Nọrweyịan Nynersk (Norway)
Nụer Nụer (South Sudan)
Nyakọle Nyakọle (Uganda)
Ọdịa Ọdịa (India)
Ọromo Ọromo (Ethiopia)Ọromo (Kenya)
Osetik Osetik (Georgia)Osetik (Rụssịa)
Pashọ Pashọ (Afghanistan)Pashọ (Pakistan)
Peshianụ Peshianụ (Afghanistan)Peshianụ (Iran)
Pidgịn Pidgịn (Naịjịrịa)
Poliishi Poliishi (Poland)
Pọrtụgụese Pọrtụgụese (Angola)Pọrtụgụese (Brazil)Pọrtụgụese (Cape Verde)Pọrtụgụese (Equatorial Guinea)Pọrtụgụese (Guinea-Bissau)Pọrtụgụese (Luxembourg)Pọrtụgụese (Macao SAR China)Pọrtụgụese (Mozambik)Pọrtụgụese (Portugal)Pọrtụgụese (São Tomé & Príncipe)Pọrtụgụese (Switzerland)Pọrtụgụese (Timor-Leste)
Punjabi Punjabi (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic)Punjabi (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Gụrmụkị)
Punjabi (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic) Punjabi (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic, Pakistan)
Punjabi (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Gụrmụkị) Punjabi (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Gụrmụkị, India)
Qụechụa Qụechụa (Bolivia)Qụechụa (Ecuador)Qụechụa (Peru)
raj raj (India)
Romania Romania (Moldova)Romania (Romania)
Rọmansị Rọmansị (Switzerland)
Rọmbọ Rọmbọ (Tanzania)
Rọshian Rọshian (Belarus)Rọshian (Kazakhstan)Rọshian (Kyrgyzstan)Rọshian (Moldova)Rọshian (Rụssịa)Rọshian (Ukraine)
Rụndị Rụndị (Burundi)
Rwa Rwa (Tanzania)
Saka Saka (Rụssịa)
Sambụrụ Sambụrụ (Kenya)
Sangọ Sangọ (Central African Republik)
Sangụ Sangụ (Tanzania)
Sansịkịt Sansịkịt (India)
Santalị Santalị (Ochiki)
Santalị (Ochiki) Santalị (Ochiki, India)
Sardinian Sardinian (Italy)
Sebịan Sebịan (Latin)Sebịan (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic)
Sebịan (Latin) Sebịan (Latin, Bosnia & Herzegovina)Sebịan (Latin, Kosovo)Sebịan (Latin, Montenegro)Sebịan (Latin, Serbia)
Sebịan (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic) Sebịan (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic, Bosnia & Herzegovina)Sebịan (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic, Kosovo)Sebịan (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic, Montenegro)Sebịan (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic, Serbia)
Sena Sena (Mozambik)
Shabala Shabala (Tanzania)
Shọna Shọna (Zimbabwe)
Sịchụayị Sịchụayị (China)
Sịndh Sịndh (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic)Sịndh (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Devangarị)
Sịndh (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic) Sịndh (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic, Pakistan)
Sịndh (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Devangarị) Sịndh (Mkpụrụ ọkwụ Devangarị, India)
Sinhala Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
Slova Slova (Slovakia)
Slovịan Slovịan (Slovenia)
Sọga Sọga (Uganda)
Somali Somali (Djibouti)Somali (Ethiopia)Somali (Kenya)Somali (Somalia)
Spanishi Spanishi (Agwaetiti Kanarị)Spanishi (Argentina)Spanishi (Belize)Spanishi (Bolivia)Spanishi (Brazil)Spanishi (Ceuta & Melilla)Spanishi (Chile)Spanishi (Colombia)Spanishi (Cuba)Spanishi (Dominican Republik)Spanishi (Ecuador)Spanishi (El Salvador)Spanishi (Equatorial Guinea)Spanishi (Guatemala)Spanishi (Honduras)Spanishi (Kosta Rika)Spanishi (Latin America)Spanishi (Mexico)Spanishi (Nicaragua)Spanishi (Panama)Spanishi (Paraguay)Spanishi (Peru)Spanishi (Philippines)Spanishi (Puerto Rico)Spanishi (Spain)Spanishi (United States)Spanishi (Uruguay)Spanishi (Venezuela)
Standard Moroccan Tamazait Standard Moroccan Tamazait (Morocco)
Sudanese Sudanese (Latin)
Sudanese (Latin) Sudanese (Latin, Indonesia)
Sụkọtịs Gelị Sụkọtịs Gelị (United Kingdom)
Sụwidiishi Sụwidiishi (Agwaetiti Aland)Sụwidiishi (Finland)Sụwidiishi (Sweden)
Swahili Swahili (Congo - Kinshasa)Swahili (Kenya)Swahili (Tanzania)Swahili (Uganda)
Tachịkịt Tachịkịt (Latin)Tachịkịt (Tifinag)
Tachịkịt (Latin) Tachịkịt (Latin, Morocco)
Tachịkịt (Tifinag) Tachịkịt (Tifinag, Morocco)
Taị Taị (Thailand)
Taịta Taịta (Kenya)
Tajịk Tajịk (Tajikistan)
Tamil Tamil (India)Tamil (Malaysia)Tamil (Singapore)Tamil (Sri Lanka)
Tasawa Tasawa (Niger)
Tata Tata (Rụssịa)
Telụgụ Telụgụ (India)
Tesọ Tesọ (Kenya)Tesọ (Uganda)
Tibetan Tibetan (China)Tibetan (India)
Tịgrịnya Tịgrịnya (Eritrea)Tịgrịnya (Ethiopia)
Tọkiishi Tọkiishi (Cyprus)Tọkiishi (Turkey)
Tọngan Tọngan (Tonga)
Turkịs Turkịs (Turkmenistan)
Ukureenị Ukureenị (Ukraine)
Ụpa Sọrbịa Ụpa Sọrbịa (Jamanị)
Urdụ Urdụ (India)Urdụ (Pakistan)
Ụyghụr Ụyghụr (China)
Ụzbek Ụzbek (Latin)Ụzbek (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic)Ụzbek (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic)
Ụzbek (Latin) Ụzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan)
Ụzbek (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic) Ụzbek (Mkpụrụ Okwu Arabic, Afghanistan)
Ụzbek (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic) Ụzbek (Mkpụrụ Okwu Cyrillic, Uzbekistan)
Val Val (Latin)Val (Vai)
Val (Latin) Val (Latin, Liberia)
Val (Vai) Val (Vai, Liberia)
Vietnamisi Vietnamisi (Vietnam)
Vụnjọ Vụnjọ (Tanzania)
Wasa Wasa (Switzerland)
Wesh Wesh (United Kingdom)
Westan Frịsịan Westan Frịsịan (Netherlands)
Wolọf Wolọf (Senegal)
Xhọsa Xhọsa (South Africa)
Yangben Yangben (Cameroon)
Yịdịsh Yịdịsh (Uwa)
Yoruba Yoruba (Binin)Yoruba (Naịjịrịa)
Zarma Zarma (Niger)
Zulu Zulu (South Africa)

Choose by Region

001 - Uwa
019 - Amerịka
013 - Etiti America
CR - Kosta Rika
GT - Guatemala
HN - Honduras
MX - Mexico
NI - Nicaragua
PA - Panama
SV - El Salvador
029 - Onye Carrabean
AG - Antigua na Barbuda
AI - Anguilla
BB - Barbados
BL - Barthélemy Dị nsọ
BQ - Caribbean Netherlands
BS - Bahamas
CU - Cuba
CW - Kurakao
DM - Dominika
DO - Dominican Republik
GD - Grenada
JM - Jamaika
KN - Kitts na Nevis Dị nsọ
KY - Agwaetiti Cayman
LC - Lucia Dị nsọ
MF - Martin Dị nsọ
MS - Montserrat
TC - Agwaetiti Turks na Caicos
TT - Trinidad na Tobago
VC - Vincent na Grenadines Dị nsọ
VG - Agwaetiti British Virgin
VI - Agwaetiti Virgin nke US
005 - Mpaghara Mgbada Ugwu America
AR - Argentina
BV - Agwaetiti Bouvet
CL - Chile
FK - Agwaetiti Falkland
GF - Frenchi Guiana
GS - South Georgia na Agwaetiti South Sandwich
GY - Guyana
PY - Paraguay
SR - Suriname
UY - Uruguay
002 - Afrika
011 - Mpaghara Ọdịda Anyanwụ Afrịka
CI - Côte d’Ivoire
SH - St. Helena
014 - Mpaghara Ọwụwa Anyanwụ Afrịka
IO - British Indian Ocean Territory
MW - Malawi
TF - Ụmụ ngalaba Frenchi Southern
150 - Europe
142 - Asia
009 - Oceania
053 - Australasia
AU - Australia
CC - Agwaetiti Cocos (Keeling)
CX - Agwaetiti Christmas
HM - Agwaetiti Heard na Agwaetiti McDonald
NF - Agwaetiti Norfolk
054 - Melanesia
FJ - Fiji
NC - New Caledonia
PG - Papua New Guinea
SB - Agwaetiti Solomon
057 - Mpaghara Micronesian
FM - Micronesia
GU - Guam
KI - Kiribati
MH - Agwaetiti Marshall
MP - Agwaetiti Northern Mariana
NR - Nauru
PW - Palau
UM - Obere Agwaetiti Dị Na Mpụga U.S
061 - Polynesia
AS - American Samoa
CK - Agwaetiti Cook
NU - Niue
PF - Frenchi Polynesia
PN - Agwaetiti Pitcairn
TK - Tokelau
TV - Tuvalu
WF - Wallis & Futuna
WS - Samoa
QO - Outlying Oceania
AQ - Antarctica
AC - Ascension Island
CP - Agwaetiti Clipperton
DG - Diego Garcia
TA - Tristan da Cunha

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